JavaView Controls

Press right mouse button to select major interaction mode from popup menu, or use keyboard keys to temporarily switch between different modes (just keep a button pressed to switch mode temporarily). Some essential modes are:

o Rotate surface (this Orbit mode is the default mode)
s Scale surface, drag in vertical direction
t Translate surface in viewing plane
r Reset camera and display, object returns to default position
c Centers model.
f Fits model to frame.
w Rotates model.
a Show vertices.

F1 or Ctrl-s

Show control window
Help With all keyboard shortcuts, and help on problems.

To modify appearance of the geometry press F1 or Ctrl-s to open the control panel and select the material panel (if not visible) via menu Inspector - Object - Material. Be sure that the mouse focus is inside the viewer otherwise, e.g., the window manager might react. To hide the control panel press F2.

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